New York Lotto Results skill for Alexa

NY Lotto Alexa SkillThe New York Lotto Results skill for Alexa lets you find out the latest NY Lotto results and any past winning numbers for the New York Lotto without having to use a desktop or hand-held device. You just need to enable the skill on your Alexa-enabled device and you can start asking Alexa for the latest results or any past results in the game’s history. Here is how to enable the New York Lotto Results skill:

On your Amazon Alexa App

  1. 1. Open the Amazon Alexa App on your device and navigate to the home screen within the app
  2. 2. Click the menu option at the top and then select Skills
  3. 3. In the Search Box type New York Lotto Results and select the skill by The Lottery Company
  4. 4. Tap the button saying ‘Enable Skill’

On your computer or mobile phone

  1. 1. Visit the New York Lotto Results skill page and sign into your Amazon account
  2. 2. Click Enable Skill

Once the skill is enabled on your app you will be able to initiate it by saying the invocation name “New York Lotto Results”. For example, saying “Alexa, open New York Lotto Results” will bring you to the start of the skill. From here Alexa will read out more instructions on how to use the skill more effectively to get you the results you want.

Instead of opening the skill from the start each time, just ask for a specific date to get the results read out straight away. For example, if you wanted to know the results from October 18th, 2017 you would just have to say:

“Alexa, ask New York Lotto Results for the results from October 18th 2017.”

The latest results can also be accessed as soon as they have been verified by asking Alexa:

“Alexa, ask New York Lotto Results to give me the latest results”

After hearing the results, check your Alexa-enabled device for the draw payouts which will be sent to your Alexa app.