New York Lottery Winners

New Yorkers have been lucky enough to win some sensational cash sums in lotteries like Powerball and Mega Millions. Johnnie Ely from the Bronx was the first $100 million winner from the state when he landed the jackpot in the now-retired Millennium Millions game in 1999. While it is an impressive sum of money, it doesn’t even make today’s top 10 list of biggest winners, which you can find below.

Top 10 Lottery Winners From New York
Prize Amount




$432 million

Mega Millions

September 21, 2021


$326 million

Mega Millions

November 4, 2014

Harold Diamond

$319 million

Mega Millions

March 25, 2011

Seven co-workers in Albany

$208 million

Mega Millions

December 27, 2011

Daniel Bruckner

$202 million


June 1, 2011

1937 Flatbush Avenue Dodgers LLC

$169 million

Mega Millions

January 8, 2016

Nancy Viola

$168 million

Mega Millions

August 28, 2009

Jimmy Groves

$165 million

Mega Millions

December 22, 2009

Richard and Mary Morrison

$149 million

Mega Millions

November 19, 2004

Juan Rodriguez

$136 million


March 14, 2015

Anthony Perosi and Anthony Perosi III