New York Lotto

New York Lotto draws take place every Wednesday and Saturday at 8:15 pm Eastern Time. Ticket sales close at 8:00 pm ET, roughly 15 minutes before the draw takes place.

The latest winning numbers will be published here soon after this draw time, with the payouts and number of winners soon to follow once they have been verified.

How to Play NY Lotto

NY Lotto is a 6/59 draw, with the winning numbers being picked by a mechanical ball machine under the watchful eyes of independent adjudicators. Six main numbers and one bonus ball are picked in each drawing.

To play the game, you must choose six numbers from 1 to 59. If you don’t have a set of favorite numbers that you specifically want to play, or are struggling to choose six numbers, you can use a quick-pick option.

Each NY lotto entry costs $1 for two different lines of numbers and you must be 18 years or older to be able to buy a ticket. Each playslip has a maximum of 10 entries on it, which would cost $5 if you want to play them all. Tickets can be bought any time on non-draw days but must be bought before 11 pm on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

If you already have a ticket from a drawing in the previous 30 days, you can ask to play it again and you will be given an identical entry for the next drawing.

  1. Visit Retailer Find your nearest official Lotto retailer
  2. Choose and Pay Choose your numbers, or select quick-pick and pay for your entries
  3. Ticket Remember to store your ticket in a safe place
  4. Check Results Check the latest results page to see if you’re a winner!

NY Lotto Prizes

Players must match all six main numbers to win the jackpot, but there are five levels of prizes in total, right down to $1 for matching as few as three numbers.

If you are lucky enough to match all six main numbers, then you will win the NY lotto jackpot which can be many millions of dollars.

The Lotto jackpot starts at $2 million and increases by $300,000 after each draw in which there are no jackpot winners. This jackpot has no limit, or cap, meaning it will keep on rising until someone matches all six numbers.

Prizes up to and including $600 can normally be claimed from any lottery retailer, but it’s worth contacting the retailer in advance as policies may vary by store. For prizes over $601 you will need to go to one of 16 NY Lotto claim centers.

You might need to pay tax on your NY lotto winnings, depending on where you live. New York State residents will have to pay federal and state taxes on prizes over $5,000. Those living in New York City and Yonkers will also have to pay a local tax on their winnings. Make sure you check with your tax advisors for advice on your own tax situation.

Your chances of Winning the NY Lotto

This table shows you the level of prizes you can win, the percentage of the whole prize fund allocated to each level and your chances of winning those prizes.

Odds of winning Lotto
Prize Level Numbers Matched Percentage of Prize Fund Odds of winning
Jackpot 6 75% 1 in 45,057,474
2nd 5 + Bonus 7.25% 1 in 7,509,579
3rd 5 5.50% 1 in 144,415
4th 4 6.25% 1 in 2,180
5th 3 6% (Prize is fixed at $1) 1 in 96
Overall odds of winning in any category are 1 in 46

Lotto Prizes can be claimed at any time within one year of the draw taking place.

Biggest NY Lotto jackpot

The record for the biggest New York Lotto jackpot in history is an incredible $90 million, which was won on January 26th, 1991 by nine lucky ticket holders. Sharing the jackpot, each winner received a total of $10 million, paid out in regular instalments over 20 years (approximately $475,000 each per year after taxes).

The record Lotto jackpot won by a single ticket holder is $65 million, and dates back to June 29th, 2007 when Maintenance man Degli Martinez, 55, purchased multiple tickets at a minimart in Sunnyside for a Lotto draw that he went on to win.

The unusual twist in this particular story is that Degli then lost his winning ticket after being given a receipt from a Lottery retailer confirming his win. Under the circumstances, New York state lottery officials had to let the one-year claim period pass to make sure that nobody else came forward to claim the prize. Upon receiving his winnings, Martinez described the year long wait as ‘a lot of pain’, and chose to take his money as a lump sum which worked out at $21,176,066 after taxes.

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