Quick Draw

Quick Draw is a rapid-fire game which can be played every four minutes and which gives you the chance to win prizes of up to $100,000 for just a $1 wager. It offers great flexibility, as you can choose exactly how many numbers you want to try and match, and you can also decide how much to pay, from $1 to $10. The bigger your stake, the bigger the prizes.

Draws take place 24 hours a day, apart from a brief break between 3:25am and 4:00am Eastern Time. You can see the winning numbers from the last four hours of draws on the results page.

How to Play Quick Draw

To play Quick Draw, you must select a minimum of one number and a maximum of ten numbers between 1 and 80. If you pick just a single number, it is known as a 1-spot game. If you pick two numbers, you are playing a 2-spot game, and so on, right up to the 10-spot game. You can either choose your own numbers or opt for a Quick Pick to have them generated at random.

You can also select the size of your wager, from a minimum of $1 to a maximum of $10. You can play up to 20 draws on one playslip, but your total wager cannot exceed $100 for a single playslip.

When the draw takes place, 20 numbers will be randomly selected, and you win prizes based on how many of the winning numbers you match.

  1. Visit Retailer Visit an official Quick Draw retailer
  2. Choose Numbers Choose how many numbers (spots) you wish to play
  3. Play Type Select a number between 1 and 80 for each spot, or opt for a Quick Pick
  4. Midday and/or Evening Set your wager, from $1 to $10 per game, and pay for your ticket

You can also play Quick Draw Extra for the chance to increase your winnings by up to ten times, based on the random multiplier drawn in each game. If you select the Extra option it will double your wager.

If you have played Quick Draw in the last 30 days and still have your ticket, you can ask the retailer to play it again. You will then be given an identical entry for the next drawing.

Quick Draw Prizes

You win prizes based on how many of the winning numbers you match, but it also depends on which type of game you have played. For example, it is difficult to match five numbers in the 5-spot game as all of your chosen numbers have to be drawn. In the 10-spot game, the odds of matching five numbers are better as you only need half of your numbers to be drawn. The prize is therefore much smaller.

If you play a 10-spot game, you have the chance to win the biggest prize of $100,000 by matching all 10 of your numbers. Prize money is also multiplied by the value of your wager, so it is possible to win $1 million if you wager $10 and win the top prize in the 10-spot game. If you play seven or more spots, you also win a prize if you fail to match a single number.

The following table shows the prizes you can win for matching numbers in each game (based on a $1 play):

Game Played Numbers Matched
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
10-Spot $5 $2 $10 $45 $300 $5,000 $100,000
9-Spot $2 $5 $20 $125 $3,000 $30,000
8-Spot $2 $6 $75 $550 $10,000
7-Spot $1 $2 $20 $100 $5,000
6-Spot $1 $6 $55 $1,000
5-Spot $2 $20 $300
4-Spot $1 $5 $55
3-Spot $2 $23
2-Spot $10
1-Spot $2

Quick Draw Extra

You can opt in to play Quick Draw Extra at the point you buy a ticket. If you do so, you will have the chance to multiply any prizes you win by up to ten times their original value, based on the Extra Number that is generated after the 20 main numbers.

So, think of the Extra Number as the multiplier that will be applied to your prize money if you opted in to play. For example, ‘X2’ would mean prizes are doubled, whilst ‘X3’ would mean they are tripled, and so on. It is also possible that the Extra Number ‘X1’ is drawn, in which case all prizes remain at their original value.

Odds of Winning

The following table shows the overall odds of winning for each game:

Game Type Odds of Winning
10-spot 1 in 9.05
9-spot 1 in 9.74
8-spot 1 in 9.17
7-spot 1 in 5.46
6-spot 1 in 6.19
5-spot 1 in 10.34
4-spot 1 in 3.86
3-spot 1 in 6.55
2-spot 1 in 16.63
1-spot 1 in 4

Claiming Prizes

Prizes up to and including $600 can be claimed from any New York Lottery retailer. For larger amounts, you must visit one of the New York Lottery’s customer service centers.

All prizes over $5,000 are taxed at federal and state level. If you live in New York City or Yonkers, you will also have to pay a local tax on your winnings. Tax advisors can provide clarification regarding your own personal tax situation.