Collect and Win

Collect and Win was a second chance game that gave players who lost on the Monopoly Jackpot scratch-off an opportunity to win prizes worth in excess of $1 million. The promotion launched in February 2014 in Arizona, Michigan, Missouri, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Its initial run ended in August 2015, but the format proved popular and has been used separately by other state lotteries since then.

How Collect and Win Was Played

The Collect and Win second chance promotion was open to players that bought the scratch-off but didn’t win any prizes on it. To enter, players from New York simply had to log into their NY Lottery Players Club account and input the code from their losing scratch-off.

Once they did this, they received five rolls of the dice on a virtual version of the classic board game. The aim was to “collect” properties by landing on them as they moved round the board. If a player collected a full set of properties – those of a matching color or the same type, such as railroads or utilities – they either won an instant cash prize or a spin on the Collect and Win ‘Bonus Wheel.’ The results of the Collect and Win game were pre-determined at the point that the scratch-offs were printed.

Instant Win Prizes

Instant cash prizes ranged from $25 to $2,500, correspondent to the type of properties collected. The top instant prize was known as a ‘Property Jackpot.’ The table below shows what prizes were available and the odds of winning:

Collect and Win Prizes and Odds
Property Set Prize Approximate Odds*
Dark Blue $2,500 1 in 120,000
Green $500 1 in 60,000
Yellow $250 1 in 40,000
Red $125 1 in 30,000
Orange $100 1 in 17,143
Railroad $100 1 in 24,000
Violet $75 1 in 15,000
Light Blue $50 1 in 6,316
Utility $40 1 in 8,000
Brown $25 1 in 3,333

*based on all tickets printed

Collect and Win Bonus Wheel Prizes

Players who collected a full property set but didn’t win an instant cash prize had the chance to spin the Collect and Win Bonus Wheel to win entries to the monthly jackpot drawing. The number of entries that a player won depended on the property type collected.

The monthly jackpot prize was progressive, starting at $2,500 and increasing with every purchase of a Monopoly Jackpot scratch-off. Players could also multiply the value of their jackpot prize by 2x or 10x by landing on Community Chest or Chance spaces as they made their way around the virtual game board. These spaces could also advance players further round the game board or had no effect at all.

Players who hit a 10x multiplier and won the monthly jackpot were guaranteed a minimum payout of $1 million, but it could be higher than this if the jackpot had progressed to more than $100,000.

One jackpot drawing took place at the end of every calendar month, containing entries submitted from all participating states.